Sunday, March 21, 2010

Presentation at Smyrna First United Methodist

Many of you have asked about seeing Pete's pictures and hearing about his trip to Haiti. You are welcome to attend his presentation at Smyrna First United Methodist Church tomorrow night (3/22) at 7 p.m. The meeting will take place in the Fellowship Hall located in the rear of the church, off Sam Davis Road .  
Many thanks to Smyrna First Methodist for this opportunity!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Haiti Update 7

We want to share Pete's journal entries from his final two days in Haiti.  As I sit and read his entries, my heart and mind are immersed in the reality that is Haiti. It is a sobering reminder that my "concerns" are not all that concerning.  It is the blessing of perspective.

From Pete:
" My second to last day on the island of Haiti, at least for some period. It has been an incredible experience, thanks to God, and He has opened new doors for me.  This all started a few weeks ago when I reached out to Him and he answered. He simply confirmed how faithful He is. I love God and who He is. I am glad He is my God. For this trip He deserves all the credit. As the roosters awaken and I stare across the mountains and valley, I reflect upon the week:

- God is a glorious God, full of grace and true to His promises
- I am deficient in my knowledge of the Bible and must spend more time in it
- Quiet time should be done daily. It gives clarity to the day and heightens your relationship with God
- This country is both devastated and devastatingly beautiful
- My kids are very special and I hope one day they are able to see something like this. With God's grace, we must prepare them with the desire, strength, knowledge and spirit to love the Lord so that one day they can travel and care for the sheep (Matthew 25). I think God has provided in them a servant's heart.
-It is never appropriate to ask God why. Only "As is your will." How do I fit into this, being your will.
- This country is in so much pain yet they awaken with a spirit and determination that is awesome. When will be the next time I have a bad day?
-I will never again criticize an American pot hole.
-Our group here has made all the difference for me. Each man and woman with strengths and weaknesses, but each on the same page of life. This was not about taking pictures or exploitation but love and service. Bill Broome, Bill Ramsey, Keri, Kaye, Will, Orville, Chris - each will be in my heart.
- Myriam and Alexander. Two translators who captured my heart. I hope to see you both again. I know  will. I love you both.
- Why is it that your perspective of a leveled building with bodies littering the rubble changes in the period of one week?
- The house we stayed in was awesome. Allowed us to come home and recharge our batteries. The days were taxing and rest was critical. Thank you to the house staff - they took great care of us.
- Chadasha has it right. A lesson for all medical mission trips. Where the logistics allow it: take good care of the doctors and nurses where they have a safe place to eat, rest, and pray. Work closely with the natives and empower them to be the leaders. Find a Christ following church and couple with them to establish medical care. Mission medical teams are transient but churches are permanent and life-altering.
- I am eternally grateful to my office staff tha had the love and patience with me as I embarked on this trip. I love them very much.
-Anne made me cry.
-My job is to come here then tell their story. This is important because as the cameras leave, the destruction will remain. I will not forget Haiti. I will serve her and her people. It is also another way to show God's love and grace and to show obedience to Him.
-I know now how it feels to look into the eyes of three children who just lost their mother and father
- The devastation will come again. Soon. When it rains. The only thing worse than poverty is wet poverty.  God have mercy on them! Where are the tents?
- I pray for a government that one day loves its people.
- I will listen more to God and less to my creatures of comfort.
- I did help some Haitians, but it is only through God's grace.
- I now know what Nascar driving feels like.
- I felt a 4.7 aftershock.
- Pastor Jude and Yannick have followed God's command and are making an eternal difference.
- As I prepare to say goodbye to Haiti I say this:
       Thank you for what you have taught me
       I promise to come back
       I will tell your story
       I will never forget. "

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Haiti Slideshow

Following is the link to the video of Pete's pictures from Port-au-Prince.  Thank you for watching. Please
keep the Haitian people in your prayers.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Haiti Pictures

The first of many pictures.

Aftermath of the earthquake:
The Presidential Palace. Click on photo to see extent of damage.

A home.

Devastated church.

Homes on top of homes.

With patients:

This is one of the team's physicians, Bill, with Baby Christelle and sisters. Christelle was born on the streets of Port-au-Prince the day of the earthquake.

Pete with a young girl with cerebral palsy. Her mother had been carrying her around since she was a baby and did not know what her daughter suffered from. The day she and her family arrived to the clinic, a shipment of wheelchairs did too. From Mexico.    

Pete with Myriam. She works as a translator and would like to come to the United States to go to school.

The team.

Many more to follow.

A Safe Return Home

A brief update: Pete arrived home from Port-au-Prince late Friday night. We will post the journal entries from his last two days as well as a number of pictures. Hopefully that will take place tonight. :)

Thank you for your prayers during the trip. I also appreciate the numerous kind messages received in support of his journey. We are blessed to have friends and family like you!