Saturday, June 11, 2011

Haiti, Day Four

 Wednesday we awoke to another beautiful day. The air is thick with humidity but fans in the guest house are plentiful; the shower begins the week as "cold!" but with each passing day becomes just what we need. We enjoyed coffee (Haitian coffee is amazing. You can buy it here.) and a breakfast of Haitian oatmeal. Lonnie runs the kitchen at the guest house and her meals are always delicious. Her oatmeal is spiced with anise, cinnamon, and lime peel. She simmers the whole spices in water before adding oatmeal, sugar and evaporated milk (Carnation, I think). It is SO good. There will be an attempt to recreate it at home. Pete is being really pushy about this.

We headed back to the orphanage this morning. Most of us remained there to complete physicals on the children we did not see earlier in the week. Peyton and George accompanied John, our leader from Chadasha, to the tent orphanage to load the remaining belongings onto the truck. Before we left the guest house we challenged ourselves to go outside our comfort zones today. God can use these experiences to shape us but we have to be willing. Each of us commited to it and we planned on sharing the results during evening porch time. I looked to the day uncertain of how I would stretch myself but, of course, God challenged me where I most needed it. I realized that I have approached each day with a guarded heart. The guard unexpectedly came down on Wednesday and that was hard, but it was good. It further convicted me to see through that which God placed on my heart: help provide education for these children. I'm sure there will be more to come on that subject! We enjoyed hearing about George and Peyton's day. They made two trips between the tent orphanage and the new home; much of it was spent sitting in traffic. As it turned out, their purpose consisted of more than moving furniture. The multiple trips and congested traffic allowed them two hours in the back of a truck with a Haitian gentleman who works at the orphanage. The language and cultural barriers fell as they pieced together the French and Creole and English each one knew. By the end of the trip it was just three guys talking about faith and life experience. Very cool.  Everyone had great stories to share that evening: there were attempts to speak Creole for the first time, there was a willingness to hold child after child infected with scabies, and there were those who worked long after the point of exhaustion. The challenges were different, but every one in our group stepped out of their comfort zone. We have an awesome team!  That evening's porch time was our best of the week. There were stories of God's work in each of us and there were tears. It was a reminder of the blessings that come when we walk in obedience in spite of challenge or uncertainty.

Another blessing of the week has been Mathieu. He is Peyton and Elizabeth's son; they are in the process of adopting him. Mathieu spent a good deal of time with us and we all grew to adore him. I think we all consider ourselves his aunts and uncles whether his mom and dad like it or not! Peyton and Elizabeth have an incredible story of being called to adopt Mathieu. Click here to check out their blog and read their story. They also have awesome t-shirts for sale and a silent auction coming soon.

Coming next.....a post from my husband, Dr. Pierre.
The new orphanage

Elizabeth in the orphanage's courtyard, holding Mathieu (please note his shirt - WAR EAGLE!)

Debbie, the one-armed bandit

Heather, Peyton, George, and Joy
Unloading the truck