Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Haiti, Day Three

Monday night we experienced a significant storm. The accompanying torrential rains caused mudslides and flooding, and yesterday we learned that many lives were lost. It was a reminder of the fragility of life in Haiti. As we set out yesterday morning for the children's home, we carried shovels to help clear impassable portions of the road. We made it through but I noticed how quiet the streets were. Typically the morning is bustling with traffic: cars and people are everywhere. This morning was different. I later learned that many offices closed due to the significance of the damage.

Our group split yesterday. Peyton, Joyce, and Pete went to the clinic to see patients. Heather, George, Debbie, Joy and I visited the children's home in Pernier, which is a community of Port au Prince. (It is a different home than the orphanage we visited earlier this week.) There are 17 children and several are in the process of being adopted by families in the US. The children are very well cared for by several ladies and one man, Shama. Shama has a time of school lessons each morning with the children. He showed us each child's folder that included the writing, math, and art lessons they complete. The teacher in me is amazed at his ability to discern each child's ability then create appropriate, challenging lessons individualized for each one. Shama also sings and plays guitar. The children love to sing along with him; he's taught them worship songs in both Creole and English. We loved playing and singing with the children.

Later in the afternoon, Pete and I walked with Kessy, our translator, to the homes of Bertha and Guerda. This is without a doubt one of the highlights of our trip! Bertha and Guerda stayed with us last summer while Bertha was in the US for surgery; we have looked forward to seeing them since they left last August. Guerda was about 5 months pregnant when she returned to Haiti. It was a joy to meet her baby boy. She asked if I continue to cook the Haitian recipes she taught me, and I told her that I try but I just can't do it as well as she does. That comment earned us an invitation to come back for dinner.

Last night, after a delicious Haitian spaghetti dinner, our group sat on the porch together. We listened to music and talked about our day. The "porch time," as Eddie calls it, is something special. We can reflect on what God is doing in Haiti and in us. It is great to just hang out together. Tonight we will sit on the porch and be led in devotion by Peyton.

Thank you for the prayers!


Terrye said...

I was so happy to stumble across your blog via facebook this evening! It has been difficult to lose track of all those who traveled to PaP early after the quake, and I came to consider friends. And I even felt I knew you, through talking with Pete and viewing your lovely video composed of his photos from that initial trip.
At any rate, I am so happy that you both are still involved in Haiti. Your passion is apparent in the words and photos on these pages! May God bless and equip you for all He has called you to do!
Terrye Guthe

Eddie said...

wishing i had some more porch time. Nothing reminds you of God's activity and his invitation to join him like Haiti porch time!

evonne6kid said...

thanks for posting. I love to hear updates from anyone. My friend Kaye would love to see pictures of Bertha and Guerda. I know you met Kaye but she doesn't get online much. Give everyone hugs from me, esp. Yanick if you see her.

Susan said...

Thank you, Terrye. It is great to hear from you!

Susan said...

Evonne, I will post some pictures of the girls. Please let Kaye know that they asked about her!